Bertie County Roanoke Redskins Peanuts

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The ruby red waters of the mighty Roanoke River create the western border of Bertie County. On one side of the river are high bluffs with beautiful farmland while on the others side are vast low grounds with hardwood forests teeming with wildlife. The waters are so strong, turbulent, and dangerous that Native Americans called it the Moratoc, or "River of Death". The farmland created by its waters is some of the best peanut soil in the world. Back when Papa Jack began cooking peanuts in his popcorn popper, he didn't realize that his recipes would become known worldwide. In acknowledgement of his cooking skills, we are introducing his recipe for his original redskin peanuts. It's a different flavor and texture from our other flavors, but we know you will enjoy the pure taste of these local favorites!
OU Kosher Certified

About Bertie County Peanuts:

Bertie County is located in Windsor, NC (up in Northeast North Carolina – close to the Virginia border) and surrounded by beautiful waterways. These waterways create a perfect rich fertile, sandy soil just right for growing some of the best peanuts in the country – that’s why they like to say that “our secret’s in the soil.”