Chroma Cube

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Chroma Cube is a color-based deduction puzzle that challenges you to figure out the resting place of all 12 colors in a 3 by 4 grid.  Each puzzle card shows you the starting position for some of the colored blocks and a handful of clues that you must use to determine where the other colors go.  Once you think you have the correct arrangement of colors, you can check your guess on the back of the card.

You’ll notice that each card is numbered from 1 to 25. We recommend starting with Puzzle 1 and working your way through the puzzles in order. They will become more difficult and cryptic as you progress from one puzzle to the next. More importantly, some puzzles rely on “rules” that are established in previous puzzles.

Some clues use terms to describe where colors belong on the tray that might not make sense at first. In order to understand what these terms mean, the first puzzle that uses them will provide enough information to establish what they mean. (These are establishing clues.) These terms include “sees,” “has heard of,” “knows,” and “hates.” Once these terms have been introduced and established by a puzzle, their meaning will not change in any subsequent puzzles.

One player logic game

Made of real wood

Ages 8 and up