Bertie County Chocolate Covered Peanuts

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There is nothing like it! These chocolaty morsels can't be beat. Bertie County Peanuts makes these treats the old fashioned way – slowly by hand, in small batches. They take the best of their Blister-Fried peanuts, stir them into some of the tastiest melted chocolate and then "hand flop" them onto a cooling table. The result is various cluster sizes with the best blend of salt and sugar tastes ever!
OU Dairy Kosher Certified

About Bertie County Peanuts:

Bertie County is located in Windsor, NC (up in Northeast North Carolina – close to the Virginia border) and surrounded by beautiful waterways. These waterways create a perfect rich fertile, sandy soil just right for growing some of the best peanuts in the country – that’s why they like to say that “our secret’s in the soil.”