Carolina Plantation Jasmin Rice

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Packaged in a 2 lb bag.

Carolina Plantation Rice is excited to add Jasmine Rice to their list of locally-grown aromatic heirloom rice varieties. Jasmine is a delicious long grain aromatic rice native to Thailand where it is known as Khao Hom Mali or (“rice smell jasmine”). 

This exotic, delicate, and clingy rice will fill your kitchen with a fragrant scent of reminiscent of popcorn with sweet but subtle floral undertones. It is the perfect accompaniment for poke’ bowls, sushi, and of course all Thai and Asian recipes, but is equally delicious just as a side dish. In Southeast Asia, Jasmine is traditionally steamed, but can also easily be prepared on the stove top or in a rice cooker. 

Like all aromatic rices, Jasmine tends to lose some of its aromatic intensity over time, prompting jasmine rice connoisseurs around the world to pursue each year’s freshly harvested “NEW crop”…nearly impossible if the rice is NOT grown locally! 

In business since 1996, Carolina Plantation mills, packages, and sells only their newly harvested rice each year, guaranteeing that their customers always enjoy the best flavor and aroma that fresh aromatic rice has to offer.

Carolina Rice Plantation is located in Darlington, SC.