The Real Dill Jalapeño Honey Dills

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A dynamic combination of Colorado wildflower honey, jalapeño, and onion create a pleasant balance of sweet and savory. The fateful day when Justin and Tyler cracked open the first jar of these contrastingly nuanced pickles is now referred to as “The Pickle Epiphany,” when their hobby officially graduated to a profession. If homemade was a flavor, it’s what you taste in these uniquely familiar, yet one-of-a-kind pickles.

About The Real Dill:

This company is relentlessly committed to making the absolute best products of their kind, and when it comes to quality, they make no compromises. This means they only use the finest fresh, natural ingredients that you recognize from your pantry or garden. None of their ingredients are created in a test tube. They proudly handcraft all of their products in small batches from scratch, in Denver Colorado, with care, intention, and love.

The Real Dill is located in Denver, CO.