Red Sovereign Waxed Amaryllis - Silver Wax

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Those without green thumbs as well the avid gardener will love these care-free amaryllis bulbs that don’t need to be planted or watered. Our vendor selects the strongest varieties, along with their proven cultivation and harvest processes, to bring you these fun, bloom-anywhere gift and home decor products.

These bulbs are not harmed or damaged during the waxing or mossing processes. The exterior coating can easily be removed, and the bulbs can live for many years with proper care.

Care Instructions:

1) The bulbs will bloom on their own with no watering or planting required. They simply need an ambient, constant temperature of 70 degrees F or more. 

2) They don’t need direct sunlight. You can have them bloom in an inner room of the house. Do not leave the waxed bulbs in direct sunlight as the sun can cause the wax to soften and possibly fall off. 

3) The speed of blooming varies by the flower variety and even the individual bulb, as well as the ambient temperature. It’s important to consider the bulbs to be seasonal decorations and not try to target a specific bloom date.

4) As the bulbs bloom, they may require additional support as they may get top heavy.

5) The blooming cycle averages 8-12 weeks. All bulbs have a minimum of 2 bloom stalks and often can have up to 4.

After blooming care instructions: The bulbs may simply be composted. If you choose to care for the bulb for years to come, follow the directions below.

1) Remove any treatment from the bulb (wax or moss) and cut off any stalks that have lost their flowers. Leave any leaves in place.

2) Remove any exterior skin layers that may be brown or soft. Get the bulb to the freshest, firmest skin layer. (Like peeling an onion)

3) Plant the bulb in a pot (up to the bulb neck) with soil and some flower fertilizer and place it in a very sunny, open spot in the garden or patio. It's important that the spot chosen gets lots of drainage, sun and/or wind to keep the soil from staying too damp. Too much moisture can cause major problems with amaryllis bulbs.

4) Keep the soil just moist and every 1.5-2 weeks add some flower fertilizer, following the instructions on the bottle. Try not to get water down in the neck of the bulb.

5) The bulb will produce big leaves which will soak up all the summer sun's energy, transferring it into the bulb, growing new buds. The leaves will tell you if it needs more water, less water or more sun. The bigger and greener the leaves, the better.

6) At the end of summer, reduce watering and fertilizing. Once the leaves turn yellow, cut them off, remove the bulb from the soil and store the bulb in a cool, dark spot with average temperatures of 55-60 F. You can check the bulb every few weeks to make sure no mold is growing on it. It needs 10-12 weeks of dormancy to bloom.

7) These bulb varieties can bloom without planting or watering as they did the first time around if they have stored enough energy in the bulb from its time in the summer sun with fertilizer. If you aren't sure, you can always plant them in a pot or place them in a bowl or vase with water to ensure good blooming from now on. After the dormancy period, the most important thing is to bring the bulb to an area of 70°F or more. For timing bulbs to bloom close to Christmas you want to store the bulbs in late August or early September and then pull them out again the middle to end of October.