Luquire Family Foods Stone Ground Grits

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A 1.5-pound sack of each pantry essential. Luquire Family Foods Stone Ground Grits – the all‐natural grits hail from Greenwood, South Carolina where the Luquire Family started milling grits and flour in the late 1930s. Stone Ground Grits are the perfect accompaniment to our Carolina Creole simmer sauce. Our Grits are course-ground the old-fashioned way, between the granite stones of an antique grist mill. Chefs in several upscale Southern restaurants have added Luquire Family Foods Grits to their menus. Being coarse-ground, Luquire Family Foods Grits have a rich taste and a thick and creamy texture. The longer they cook, the creamier they get.

Carolina Stone Ground Grits? These all-natural grits hail from Greenwood, South Carolina where the Luquire family started milling their unique grits and flour in the 1930s. Luquire Family Foods Stone Ground Grits received the 2013 sofi Gold Award. A sofi Award is the top honor in the $100 billion specialty food industry and sofi stands for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation. The NASFT was created in 1952 as a non-profit trade association and has established an annual competition highlighting an exceptional food product in each of the 30 food categories.

About Luquire Family Foods
For almost six decades, the Luquire family has been serving up some of the downright tastiest Lowcountry Cuisine originally crafted by the family matriarch, Josephine "Jo" Luquire. To this day, they continue Jo's handcrafted traditions and follow her guidance of using only the finest ingredients, always paired with her signature spices and natural flavorings. Their family foods are classic examples of authentic, heirloom comfort cuisine that's been dished up in the Lowcountry for generations that to this day remain heavily influenced by a wonderful blend of French, African, and West Indies ancestral cooking techniques.

Luquire Family Foods is based in Pawley's Island, SC.