Norm's Farms Elderberry Jam

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Norm's Farms Elderberry Jam is made with the whole fruit and no seeds. It is then lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar and a touch of lemon juice. Dr. Oz names Elderberry Jam as one of his top five foods for brain health, and you won't find a better tasting Elderberry Jam anywhere. Excellent stirred into plain yogurt or used to sweeten oatmeal. It's also great on fresh homemade biscuits.

Ingredients: sugar, elderberries, water, fruit pectin mix, lemon juice

About Norm's Farms:

Norm’s Farms, originally founded in 2013 by Ann, Rodger, and Erin Lenhardt in Pittsboro, NC, began as a way of carrying on Norm's work and vision. The Lenhardt family developed a line of products featuring their home-grown elderberries and a simple, clean ingredient list. In 2017 the Mareth and Bennett family farmers joined the Lenhardts to make Norm’s Farms the first vertically integrated three family business focused on the American elderberry in the United States. Norm's Farms believes in the sustainable production of healing foods made with natural, simple ingredients--just like the elderberries Norm's Farms grows on their three family farms.

Norm's Farms is located in Pittsboro, NC.