Old School Pound Cake Mix

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Pound cake originated in 18th Century England from a simple recipe: one pound each of flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. While the proportions have been refined from the original cakes, this classic pound cake mix will not disappoint you, from the first bite to the last.


About Old School Mill:

David Hinson (1955-2010) started Old School Mill, Inc. in the early 1990s with an interest in foods, “prepared in the ways passed down from the old school.” This quest for authenticity in producing the foods led David to construct a molasses mill later with the notion that the molasses had been produced exactly as it would have been produced by his ancestors.

David’s interest in antique foods led him to purchase and make operational an antique grist mill. Drawing on the expertise of old-time millers, David learned the fine art of stone grinding grains into wonderfully pure meals, flours, and grits. Since those first products were made we have developed a line of foods and mixes that bring back all the rich goodness and flavor of centuries ago.

Today, David’s wife Robin, and son Parker, along with valued friends, continue to operate the business with utmost care and the attention to detail that David insisted upon.