OMG! Pretzels - Sweet Chili

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OMG! Pretzels' Sweet Chili Pretzels are full of raw cane sugar and spice. These nuggets pack a big punch that will light up your taste buds for a fiery sweet snack. This flavor-forward combination is bold and we dare you to give it a try!

OMG! Pretzels flavor combinations make snacking fun! Each of our sourdough pretzel nuggets has the ultimate crunch and bold taste. If you like gourmet pretzel snacks, you’ll love OMG! Pretzels. But don’t take our word for it, try them yourself. Once you pop one in your mouth, “OMG!” comes popping out!

8 oz. bag

About OMG! Pretzels

Founded in 2014, OMG! Pretzels come by their name honestly. They truly are - OMG! - yummy. Lynn and Stephanie Kriebel knew they had something special on their hands after repeated requests from friends to sell their ridiculously delicious, flavored pretzels.

Lynn, the matriarch of the Kriebel family, made the garlic pretzels for her kids as snacks throughout their childhood. Over the years, they became an appetizer staple when she entertained and that's when other people started asking, "How can I get these to enjoy at home to share with family and friends?"