Saucy Company Mild Fire Roasted Salsa

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For those that like it HOT! Saucy Co. takes its mild First Date Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa and add authentic spicy smoky chipotle peppers and jalapenos. It’s a recipe for a great Hot Date salsa!!! Hot spicy and your breath is still fresh!

About Saucy Co:

Saucy Company was founded by Mark Offerman AKA “Mr. Saucy”. A lifelong foodie and master gardener, Mr. Saucy was frustrated that onions and garlic showed up in almost every tomato-based condiment on the retail market. Being intolerant to both onions and garlic as well as eggs, lactose, and peanuts, Mr. Saucy saw a need for tasty alternatives to popular condiments that people avoid because of certain trigger ingredients.


Saucy Company is based in Wilmington, NC.